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Board Up Services – Fire Damage Restoration

In a fire emergency, the top priority is to ensure the safety of you and your animals. The next priority is to limit the damage to your property and contents. After securing your family and family pets, board-up services to secure your property immediately after a fire occurs should be your next step.  Boarding up your property after a fire will prevent further damage from intrusion, theft, weather elements, and liability claims from neighbors or passersby who may be injured by broken glass or debris.

Here is a general overview of the steps Flood and Fire Solutions may take when providing board-up services for you after a fire:

  1. Safety Inspection: Before beginning any work our team will perform a thorough inspection of the property to ensure that it is safe to work in. This includes checking for any structural damage that could make the building unsafe to enter, as well as any hazards such as exposed electrical wires or gas leaks.

  2. Secure Entry Points: The first step in boarding up a property is to secure any entry points, such as windows and doors. This is done to prevent unauthorized entry and to prevent further damage from weather or animals. Our restoration team may use plywood, tarps, or other materials to cover and secure these entry points.

  3. Remove Debris: If there is debris or damaged materials inside the property, our team will remove these items to prevent further damage or hazards. This may include damaged furniture, appliances, or other personal belongings.

  4. Assess Water Damage: In addition to damage from the fire, there may also be water damage from firefighting efforts. Our Specialists will assess the extent of this damage and take steps to prevent further damage or mold growth.

  5. Begin Drying Process: To prevent further damage from water and mold, our team will begin the drying process. This may involve setting up fans and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and surfaces.

  6. Cover Roof Damage: If the fire caused damage to the roof, our team will cover any holes or gaps to prevent further damage from weather.

  7. Install Temporary Fences: If necessary, our technicians may install a temporary fence around the property to prevent unauthorized entry and to protect the property while repairs are being made.

  8. Begin Restoration Process: Once the property has been secured and any immediate hazards have been addressed, our team will begin restoring and repairing the property. This may include repairing or replacing damaged walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as restoring personal belongings and furniture.

When providing board-up services after a fire, Flood and Fire Solutions will take steps to secure your property, remove any hazards, address water damage, and begin the process of restoring and repairing the property. By taking these steps, our team can help to save your home or business and prevent further loss or damage.

Here are the steps to follow when you experience fire damage in your home or business:


  1. Call 911: If the fire is still burning or smoke is filling the space, evacuate the property and call 911 to report the emergency.
  2. Assess the Damage: Once it’s safe to re-enter the building or after the fire department has put out the flames, assess the damage to the structure and contents. Determine if the building is safe to occupy or if there are hazards, such as live electrical wires, unstable structures, or harmful chemicals.
  3. Document the Damage: Take pictures and videos of the damage to your property (including the exterior and interior) and make a list of all items that are damaged or destroyed. This information will help with insurance claims.
  4. Contact Insurance: Call your insurance company and inform them of the damage. They can start the claims process and provide you with guidance on the immediate steps you should take.
  5. Board Up: Call Flood and Fire Solutions at 208-521-9741 to immediately help with board-up services. We will secure your property with sturdy panels and tarps, which will prevent access to the property while repairs take place.
  6. Salvage Items: Inspect the contents of the property to see if there are any salvageable items that can be documented and stored in a safe and secure location.
  7. Cleanup and Repair: After your property has been secured, Flood and Fire Solutions Restoration Specialists will begin cleaning up and repairing the damage. Our Certified specialists will address water damage from the firefighting efforts, smoke and soot damage, structural repairs, and mold remediation if necessary.

Board-up services are an essential element in fire damage restoration. A prompt response can minimize damage and ensure that your property is secure while restoration takes place. Contact Flood and Fire Solutions immediately for board-up services after experiencing fire damage in your home or business