A house flood means a call to your homeowner's insurance. Learn how to answer their questions to get the most out of your claim.

How to get your house flood covered by insurance – Say this, not that.

If you are reading this article, we will assume that a disaster has occurred. A house flood could involve a flooded basement or a leaky roof, and your next steps are crucial to saving your home and bank account from water damage! While most insurance adjusters work ethically within the scope of their positions, there have been instances where some adjusters might not provide entirely accurate information, either due to a lack of knowledge or other motivations.

Most companies will ask you a slew of questions regarding the cause of your flood and the amount of damage. Your answers will determine if and how much your insurance company will cover. Of course, every insurance company and flood are different, so we can’t guarantee that your specific flood will be covered. However, here are some common questions insurance companies ask and how we recommend responding.


Question 1: “When did the flood start?”

Say this: “I’m not sure when the leak started, but I just noticed my ceiling leaking today.”

Not that: “I noticed a small leak last month but didn’t think much of it. Today was the first day the leak got bad.”

The first response avoids implicating yourself in any delay of action and focuses on the immediate awareness of the issue. On the contrary, the second response might raise some concerns. Most home insurance policies don’t cover accidents if they feel it was caused by the homeowner’s delay in reporting an incident. Avoid not being covered by simply stating you noticed the leak recently. 


Question 2: When can we have our representative inspect the damage?

Say this: “We’re having a restoration company come and inspect the damage now.”

Not that: “When would you like to come look at it? We can wait for you to get out here to assess the damage” 


Many insurance companies require a company representative to come to a home to inspect the damage in person. Some insurance adjusters will ask their customers to wait to call a restoration company until after they send a representative to their home.  We would not recommend this to anyone.  In the case of a house flood, it’s important to get the site inspected by a professional immediately. Waiting to address water damage can often cause further damage which could lead to a denied claim.  As soon as a flood happens, call your local restoration professional for an inspection.


Question 3: “Have you selected a restoration company yet?”

Say this: “I’ve already selected a restoration company that I trust to handle the job.”

Not that: “We’re okay to use whatever restoration company you’d recommend.”

Many insurance companies have a list of preferred restoration companies that they recommend to customers. Some insurance providers are inclined to suggest inexpensive companies who will reduce the cost to the insurance provider.  While the restoration company your insurance provider suggests may be a great company, it’s always a smart decision to do your own research and select the company you’re most confident in.  

In the aftermath of a flood, navigating the insurance claims process is crucial for the well-being of your home and finances. While insurance adjusters generally work ethically, there’s always a chance of receiving inaccurate information. To maximize your coverage, it’s essential to respond to their inquiries strategically.

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