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The effects of home flooding go beyond what the eye can see. In addition to the unseen damage done, seeing your home and belongings damaged is stressful and at times devastating.

Our extensive experience with in-home flooding is paired with honesty, integrity and efficiency. Our experience allows up to properly assess your personal belongings and recover all that is possible. Available day and night, we put your needs first. Detailed, honest and efficient--were available 24/7.

Water Damage Restoration Services

  • Inspection

    We are proven to respond quickly to floods. Initially, we need to inspect the damage and create a plan on how to reduce the amount of future damage that could affect your property. Moisture meters and thermal cameras are used to identify what areas have been affected by the flood.

  • Demolition

    Our value is in what we can save, not what we can demo. We aim to restore or salvage as the first resort. When a situation makes your property unsafe to live in or use, it needs to be removed. There are three instances in which property demolition is necessary. Floods involving sewage - contaminated water, floods in which moister is trpped inside the dry wall behind paint, and floods that have heavily saturated insulation.

  • Dryout

    A restorer's tool box is loaded with an arsenal of specialty equipment that is used for drying a variety of different materials. Having the right tools for the job makes the outcome more desirable. Water is commonly trapped in walls, ceilings, floors, and between layers. We have ways to get into these places.

  • Rebuild

    With over a century of construction experience, our rebuild team has the skills and connections to restore your property to pre-loss conditions.

  • Hardwood Restoration

    Whether it is damaged, warped, cupped, crowned, swollen or just needs refinishing, we can restore your hardwood floor to pre-flood/fire condition. Dishwasher leaks, Fridge leaks, kitchen plumbing leaks, and extreme use are some of the most common causes we see for needing to restore hardwood flooring. Water that is trapped under any flooring can lead to bacteria, mold growth, odor, rot and deteriorated flooring.

Water Damage Reviews

Risks Of Flood and Water Damage

Severe flood damage can lead to a wide array of unpleasant effects. It can cause discoloration in carpeting, furniture, walls, and wood flooring. Musty odors are usually accompanied by significant bacterial and mold growth. Structural components can soften from lack of proper drying due to rot and decay. More times than not, most of the damage exists under or inside of building components such as walls.

Getting help quickly from a trustworthy flood restoration company in Idaho Falls is critical to a successful outcome. Proven, fast response time is exactly what Flood and Fire Solutions brings to your home or business.

Water damage of any magnitude can be overwhelming. However, everybody has an interest in getting you back on your feet. Your mortgage company wants to see their asset taken care of, your insurance company wants to minimize the cost of repairs to your property, and Flood and Fire Solutions wants to get you back to normal as quickly as possible. If you fail to get prompt flood restoration assistance from properly trained certified professionals, you could be putting your health and your property's value at risk.

You Are Covered

“How am I going to afford this?”, “How do I make sure my insurance covers this?”, “Is my adjuster being honest?”. We empower you, as a homeowner, to work with your insurance by guiding you through the process step by step. In the rare case a service is not covered by your insurance provider, Flood & Fire Solutions offers affordable payment plans that work with your budget and offer discounts for out of pocket expenses.


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