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Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration CertificationCertified in smoke and fire damage restoration

Fire damage is devastating. Damaged belongings & property, the lingering smell of smoke, the stress of insurance and costly repairs are all points of anxiety--let us take it from here. From start to finish, our priority is your safety, confidence and complete restoration, beyond just the face value damage.

With the latest technology, our restoration experts recover what others might glance over. Detailed, honest and efficient- were available 24/7.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

  • Inspection

    Before restoration work begins, we will assess the structural damage to the property. If your home is salvageable, you and your loved ones may be displaced for some tiem while therestoration team does its work.We will begin restoring your home by inspecting the framing and subfloor for safety.

  • Smoke Remediation

    During and after a fire, smoke finds its way into your belongings. We remove the smell of smoke and other odors by first sealing off open areas of the structure to keep odors out and eliminating smells.

  • Demolition

    We take care of corroded and otherwise damaged materials to maintain the structural integrity of your home.

  • Rebuild

    With over a century of construction experience, our rebuild team has the skills and connections to restore your property to pre-loss conditions.

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Risks Of Fire Damage

Money being burned representing the additional money that can be lost if you fail to act promptly to address fire damage
Save money and minimize damage by speaking with our local mitigation experts

You may be tempted to cleanup the damage caused by the fire on your own. This can be a terrible mistake. The residue that is left behind after a fire is a bio-hazard and can cause severe health problems if not remediated correctly. By attempting to restore the affected structure without the proper training and tools, you run the risk of not only causing additional damage to your property, you may be putting your own life on the line!

The longer you wait to make key decisions regarding the repair of your home, the more likely irreparable damage will occur. Mold and water damage as a result of the relief efforts of the fire department can occur, making restoration much more expensive.

We want to help you by addressing your concerns and doing what we do best; help your life return to normalcy.

You Are Covered

“How am I going to afford this?”, “How do I make sure my insurance covers this?”, “Is my adjuster being honest?”. We empower you, as a homeowner, to work with your insurance by guiding you through the process step by step. In the rare case a service is not covered by your insurance provider, Flood & Fire Solutions offers affordable payment plans that work with your budget and offer discounts for out of pocket expenses.


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