Soda Springs Highschool

$31K Damage Mitigated
$2300 Materials Restored
$2560 Business Continuity

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Reason For Call

Soda Springs High School students and faculty observed unusual behavior in their gym floor, with moisture buildup underneath and within the floor resulting in warping and cupping that rendered it impractical for use. This uneven gym floor not only presented a liability but also posed a safety hazard.

Scope Of Work

Following the initial inspection of the gym floor, we employed a specialized hardwood drying system to extract moisture from the salvageable area. Subsequently, while we initially succeeded with the Injectidry system, we identified mold growth in the substructure, necessitating the removal of a significant portion of the floor. We then implemented dry ice blasting and air filtration techniques to address the mold issue, ultimately concluding with the installation and finishing of a new gym floor.