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Flood & Fire Solutions has deep expertise with mitigating water damage in commercial properties, particularly hardwood floors. Our technicians are often called upon to consult and guide other restoration professionals for large mitigation projects involving hardwood floors and commercial gymnasiums.

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Case Studies

$4M Damage Mitigated
$415K Materials Restored
$120K Business Continuity

Lees Tees

Water Damage

A failed plumbing system caused a leak into the storefront. Standing water threatened to ruin flooring and temporarily close the shop. The customer requested a water extraction and machines to be placed. We did not get under the flooring.

Lee's Tees storefront

Bank Of Idaho

Water Damage

The Bank of Idaho experienced a roof collapse at its drive-thru service area on March 23rd, causing operational disruptions due to wet debris. The collapse was attributed to blocked rooftop drains, which led to snow accumulation, ice dam formation, and subsequent damage to the roof structure. Our team swiftly addressed the issue by clearing drains, removing debris, stabilizing the area, and installing new plywood, allowing the bank to resume operations.

Bank of idaho logo

Soda Springs High School

Water Damage Hardwood Restoration Mold

Soda Springs High School faced a problem when moisture caused their gym floor to warp and become uneven, posing safety concerns. They underwent a restoration process, initially using a drying system to salvage part of the floor, but eventually had to remove and treat a significant portion due to mold growth, resulting in the installation of a new gym floor.

Soda Springs Highschool front view

Idaho Asphalt Supply

Water Damage

In response to a basement drain backflow caused by heavy rain in Idaho Falls, we accommodated the customer’s request to extract standing water without conducting invasive analysis or restoration, though it’s important to note that such decisions can limit our damage mitigation capabilities. Our approach involved using specialized extraction tools to remove moisture from carpets and initiating the drying process with strategically placed fans, with a specific emphasis on addressing water in the carpets and visible standing water on concrete surfaces.

Drain backflow flooding into basement

Papa Murphy’s Restaurant

Water Damage

Following a vehicle crash that damaged the walk-in cooler at Papa Murphy’s, we conducted an initial assessment to gauge the extent of the damage. Subsequently, we facilitated the replacement of the cooler and ensured the stabilization of the front portion of the building, while also assisting in sourcing the required materials for the repair.

Front of Papa Murphy's Rigby

Lithia Ford Dealership

Water Damage

Lithia Ford dealership experienced a pipe leak originating in their bathroom, which spread to the adjacent sales associate area, affecting two office cubicles, the bathroom, and a hallway. To pinpoint the leak’s source, we used thermal imaging and selective deconstruction, making targeted alterations to access moisture cavities and facilitate drying. Once the drying process was completed, our expert reconstruction team efficiently restored the property by replacing drywall and relaying flooring, ensuring it returned to its pre-loss condition.

Lithia for dealership building

Residents Inn By Marriott

Water Damage

A mechanical failure resulted in water leakage spanning multiple levels and impacting numerous rooms within the facility. To avert the risk of mold growth, a comprehensive approach involving invasive measures was undertaken to ensure thorough drying of the affected material components. Multiple air filtration devices and dehumidifiers were strategically positioned throughout the hotel, with particular emphasis on the areas directly affected by the incident.

Residents Inn building from the front

Hope Lutheran Church

Water Damage

The staff at Hope Lutheran Church School encountered water saturation in their pre-school area and bathroom, stemming from a toilet overflow. Our team managed this minor leak efficiently by promptly extracting water, making precise cuts along the bathroom baseboard, and deploying dehumidification and ventilation measures to prevent mold growth.

Hope Lutheran Church front picture

Oakley High School

Water Damage Hardwood Restoration

The Oakley High School gymnasium faced a dire situation: its roof leaked, causing standing water to pool on the gym floor. To salvage the 5-layered gym floor, we employed a clever solution. We installed a negative air system beneath the gym floor and erected tents to direct warm, dry air onto the damaged area. Thanks to our swift action, we managed to mitigate damages worth up to $500,000 and saved the gym from a potential downtime of approximately 3 months (90 days).

Oakley High School Sign

Soda Springs High School

Water Damage Hardwood Restoration Mold

Leaking pipes resulted in extensive water damage and mold growth beneath the entire gym floor. Recognizing the severity of the issue, the high school staff sought professional assistance.