What to keep vs what to toss in a flood

5 Things to Include in your Emergency Grab-bag

While there are many things you can grab from your house in a fire, it’s important to grab the items that will ensure the safety of your family in the immediate future. That’s why we recommend creating an “emergency grab bag.” This grab bag should provide you and your family with necessities to help you through the unsure times ahead.

Graphic of house on fire.

How to Fire-Proof your Kitchen 

The best way to handle a fire is to prevent a fire from happening in the first place. Implementing these quick tips could be the difference between your house burning down and remaining free from harm. 

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How to get your house flood covered by insurance – Say this, not that.

We can’t guarantee that your specific flood will be covered. However, here are some common questions insurance companies ask and how we recommend responding.


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3 Reasons Your Home Might Flood this Winter

Discover the top flood risks during the winter season and learn effective preventative measures to safeguard your home.

Shocked people waving hands scared in a flood.