What You Really Need to Know About Flood & Fire Solutions of Idaho Before You Use Their Services

The Truth About Flood and Fire Solutions

If you search for Flood and Fire Solutions, you are going to find all the surface level information. It’s the publicly correct, PR advised, lawyer approved, sales speech you hear from every well-established, professional company out there.

You’ll see that Flood & Fire Solutions is a full-service residential and commercial restoration company. The reviews will say that the technicians were terrific and took care of the water damage or fire damage or mold outbreaks in people’s homes or businesses.

That’s all true, but what about the information you really need to know about Flood & Fire Solutions of Idaho before you hire this company? There’s the behind the scenes that you may never get to witness; that is the real truth; that’s the information everyone craves.

You deserve to know the type of company you are hiring.

Flood and Fire Solutions is proud of being transparent and trustworthy. Our team members are all background checked and drug tested. Below, you will find the truth. You will read about our origin, why we do what we do, what motivates us, and even some of the challenges we sometimes struggle with.

Our Challenges:

We are a small local business.

While we are growing and have been growing exponentially since 2013, we are still small in comparison to our competitors.

Most of the restoration companies in Southeast Idaho have marketing and financial resources that we simply do not have access to. Sometimes it’s difficult to compete with the large budgets of other restoration companies that are franchises of larger corporate entities.

We go unheard of and have fewer reviews because we do not have a big established name and corporate website to pull leads from. That’s why we focus specifically on providing the best quality service in the industry.

We refuse to participate in ethically questionable business.

Flood and Fire Solutions refuses to enter into contracts with insurance companies that focus on cost saving over saving what’s important.

Many restoration companies hold agreements with insurance providers that secure the restoration company more jobs while promising to save the insurance company money. The restoration companies that do this often cut corners and use poor quality material because they operate on a shoestring budget set by the insurance.

Flood and Fire Solutions does not participate in this practice. We have seen homeowners suffer even more in their time of disaster from these agreements. We focus on quality and getting the job done the right way.

A majority of homeowners immediately call their insurance and accept the suggested restoration company that will help save the insurance company’s bottom line. We are rarely endorsed as the first option because we do not cater to the insurance company before helping the homeowner; we always help the homeowner first.

This does not mean the insurance company will not work with us. In fact, we are certified to do the work and have the tools and experience to do it correctly.  Many insurance companies and adjusters love working with us. Remember, the insurance works for you, and legally you can choose whichever qualified professional you want to work on your home.

We pay our team members fairly.

Restoration companies that do not pay their employees fairly have a more flexible budget for giving certain insurance companies bigger discounts.

As you know, disaster restoration is not an easy job. It requires a lot out of its workers, so Flood and Fire Solutions believes in paying well and offering good benefits to our team members.

Our team members work hard, giving up time and sometimes holidays with their families to answer emergency calls and go above and beyond for our customers. They deserve to be compensated accordingly.

Some insurance adjusters may call us expensive because we do not offer major discounts to insurance companies. Our pricing is industry standard and has been insurance approved hundreds of times.

We will not and do not risk our employees’ welfare to get extra leads in exchange for cutting corners.

Our Origin

If you live in Idaho Falls and you ever get the chance to meet Brando Morgan, you should take it. He is well loved by his team members, partners, competitors, and the community. And there’s a good reason for that.

Brando is the active owner and founder of Flood and Fire Solutions. He started the company in 2013, after experiencing his own devastating disaster. While working with a restoration company to clean up the house flood, Brando realized that homeowners did not have access to the type of quality service that is needed for severe home damage and cleanup. It was the insensitivity of others that continued to make an already devastating experience worse for homeowners in Southeast Idaho.

Brando had been incredibly successful in home construction previous to the housing crash in 2008. He loved building homes and using his talent and experience to add expert craftsmanship to each home. When Brando started Flood and Fire Solutions, he carried that love with him. He does everything he can to make sure that every home is returned to pre-loss conditions, always leaving the property better than he found it.

The company was formed to fill the need for sensitivity, compassion, and well executed professional cleanup in the disaster restoration industry. We serve Southeast Idaho with the desire to bring that to every property owner here.

Our Culture is One of a Kind

When we say we are a work family, we mean it. We make sure to know each other, care for one another, and be there for each other. It seems odd to other companies when they hear that our entire company is willing to devote time and resources to one another outside of work.

We have, and we will drop everything to help a colleague in need. When one of us is hurting or needs help, we all make ourselves available to support and assist them. And it doesn’t matter to us how long the person has been working here or what their position in the company is. We will jump to help our coworker.

We Believe in Growth and Being Involved

Flood and Fire Solutions also gives opportunities and adds value to team members.

We sincerely want to see each other grow and succeed and we push one another to be better than we were. It is not uncommon for a Flood and Fire Solutions team member to be invited to take on atypical responsibilities. Doing so grows the business and it challenges the individual, making us all incredible problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

It is also common for Flood and Fire Solutions’s team members to participate in jobs that are outside of their everyday positions, but you will never hear a team member complain about doing a job that is not what they were hired to do. This is part of our culture, and we sincerely believe in it.

Our Work is Fulfilling

We love our work. Flood and Fire Solutions’s team members just love what we do. The truth is, what we do is incredibly challenging. It is taxing on not just the body, but also the emotions.

We work with people every day who are distraught and scared. The home is a safe place where people go to unwind, rest, and relax. It’s a place of privacy and security. Anything that threatens that is devastating.

And we don’t just work with homes that have flooded or had a fire; we work with crime and trauma scenes as well. In these cases, our customers are suffering from great loss. Our hearts go out to all those who are enduring such disasters.

Flood and Fire Solutions does not take lightly the emergency services we offer. Brando Morgan and every single one of his team members is dedicated in each situation. We make ourselves available at any hour of the day and even on holidays to arrive on disaster sites and prevent any further harm.

We love what we do because we have the opportunity every day to help someone in need. Our jobs and our efforts are fulfilling. What we do is important, necessary, and life changing.


We are Flood & Fire Solutions, and the truth is, we love what we do.