An emergency grab-bag can ensure your families immediate safety in an emergency- here's what you'll need.

5 Things to Include in your Emergency Grab-bag

What would you grab from your house if it was on fire? When disaster strikes, the most important things in life suddenly become abundantly clear.  While there are many things you can grab from your house in a fire, it’s important to grab the items that will ensure the safety of your family in the immediate future. That’s why we recommend creating an “emergency grab bag.” This grab bag should provide you and your family with necessities to help you through the unsure times ahead. We recommend keeping this grab bag in an easily accessible place, preferably on your main floor near your front door.  That way, you can easily grab the bag on your way out the door without having to go up or down any stairs.  So, before a fire breaks out, take a couple hours out of your day to compile the following items. 

Passports and I.D’s

Some of the hardest things to replace after a fire are important government documents. Take time today to make photocopies of your family’s birth certificates, I.D’s and passports and place them in your grab bag. Without copies of these documents, your family will have to go through the tedious process of replacing them. This is one of the last things you’ll want to do when recovering from a fire incident. Put them in a fire-proof document holder and place them in your grab bag.

Non-perishable Food

In times of crisis, a well-stocked assortment of food can be a source of comfort and sustenance. Below are some thoughtful suggestions for non-perishable items that not only provide essential nutrients but also require minimal preparation. Here are some ideas for non-perishable food items: 

-Granola bars 

-Canned tuna 

-Dried fruits and vegetables

-Canned or dried beans 

-Nut butters 

– Bottled water 

If packing canned food, make sure to include a can opener in your bag as well.

Clothing for Each Member of the Family

Clothing is an obvious necessity for our survival, however, it can be hard to grab and carry clothing with you in the middle of a house fire, as it is highly flammable.  Avoid this issue by making sure to pack a change of clothes for each member of your family in your fire resistant bag. This will ensure that nobody is left without sufficient covering after leaving the house in a hurry. 

Prescriptions and Medications

Remember to pack an extra bottle of all pills and medications in your emergency bag.  Just make sure to stay up to date on these prescriptions and replace the bottles when they expire.

Spare Car Keys

Make sure to include a spare key to each car your family owns. Replacing keys can be a huge hassle and will be one of the last things your family will want to focus on in the midst of fire remediation. These will also be vital if you need to drive your cars further away from the burning house to protect them. 

Our Bag Recommendation

Of course, in order to keep these important things safe, you’ll need a quality fire-proof bag to hold everything in. We recommend this GETXGO backpack from Amazon. This bag has several compartments as well as a document holder to store your things neatly and safely.

In times of crisis, the choices we make can be the difference between chaos and calm. Creating an emergency grab bag is a small yet powerful step toward ensuring the safety and well-being of your family during a fire or any unforeseen disaster. Keeping this grab bag readily accessible near your front door adds a layer of preparedness that could make all the difference in the heat of the moment. So, invest a few hours today to compile your grab bag; it’s a proactive measure that speaks volumes about prioritizing safety and being ready for the unexpected.

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